You find that funny?..
"See, you're born punk. When you get your first haircut, then you're alternative. Then you let it grow long, then you're metal." - Kirk Hammett
I can't describe how not funny that was with words.

z0mgz0rz!!! A DNC1ng Gu1ne4 p1g!!!!1!!!!!11!1
1T 51ngS T00!!!11~!!11!!1
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Unfunny... Could've been cute, but I'd just been watching videos of Knut the polar bear cub who's making headlines at the moment. He takes the cutie pie cake... pie... thing.
*walks into thread hopping for a laugh*

*writes insulting message*

*leaves, think about how much of an imature, unfunny person the threadstarter is*
That wasnt at all even slightly humorous.
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