hey everyone,

i have been playing guitar here and there for about two years. i had lessons but my teacher was a lame pos, and i kind of taught myself as well as i could. i was sick and had surgery and had to give guitar up for several months. i hope to get back to it cuz i love making music, but i'm afraid that i have made some bad habits and i cant seem to find any quality teachers around my area. i was wondering if anyone had any pointers or suggestions on how i can break bad habits of old and establish good new ones as i practice and learn.
i just need some guidance, any good books or anything regarding fundamentals or positioning, etc.

i wrote a free eBook that is pretty much entirely on avoiding/fixing bad habits... and it also gives you pointers on how to get instruction.

it's based on myself having developed such bad habits that i gave myself a NASTY case of tendonosis for seven years (and couldn't play of course).

i, much like yourself, had a lame teacher that totally threw me off too.... i also talk about that in the free book.

anyways if you want to give it a read you can download it from http://www.StartRocking.com/
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