hey i just turned on my amp and some huge high pitched noise came through the speaker for like 10 seconds and then it went away and then i tried to play the guitar and nothing came out. and my volume was on like 2-3. on the clean channel. is my amp broke for good?? by the way, of all amps, its a marshall mg100dfx. had it for about 2 years.

can someone tell me what's wrong with it?? thanks.
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That's a marshall MG for ya.
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try swapping the guitar cable, checking the guitar input and volume, unplug any pedals, go direct into the amp, and then pray it's not the amp.

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Aw man, that sucks. Not the first time I heard about a MG problem though.
MG's have a 5 year (I think) manufacturer's warranty. Just send it to them.
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Well the MGs do have 5 year warrantys. send it back and have them fix it. first try a different cable, pup position
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Yes, and look at the power supply, cables, pedals, guitar pickups, input jack, knobs and everything.
It might be the volume knob...my MG is pretty screwed but I still use it until it totally burns out or something.
Yeah just send it back to the factory, let it get fixed and when you get it back ,SELL IT.
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Get your money back? If you have the reciept, go back to the store with it, tell them the problem, then if they say they'll send it back, ask for your money back. I lost my MG' srecipet and couldn't get my money back, but I traded it for a Vox AD15VT. Best move ever. Rid of the MG.
Sounds like the flux capacitor is shot...
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