No lyrics yet, but there will be soon. This is a rough copy, especially the solo, but just let me know what you think, crit for crit, leave me links and I will get to your songs. Thanks.

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this is pretty cool, very nice relaxing tune. this version is certainly very repetitive without vocals or anything, but at the same time it remains enjoyable as you listen to it. i like the synth around 1:50, or maybe its a guitar slathered generously with effects. whatever, its a cool part. the chords around 4:00 are very nice too. the rhythm between 4:00 and 5:00 seems to be lagging behind the beat by a little though. solo could definitely overall use some work, but the first few measures of it really fit the song well. overall, nice work, id like to hear another version of this song.
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Nicely recorded. It has a nice clean sound. This sounds definitely like something that might be on any decent radio station. I agree with allstrats726 though: repetitive without vocals. Even with vocals, I think it might end up being too long. You may want to shorten it a little. But overall, it is a very well done song. The solo probably could be cleaned up a bit. There were no real faults in it that can't be contributed to a lack of vocals, so well done.

c4c: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=551978
You have a good foundation backing track here. Great instrumentation- they blend nicely- and it's mixed well too. Solo wasn't too bad either.

If i had to say one downside, I did find it a bit long winded though, like it could've missed a verse or two- but it might be because there's no lyrics yet.

Overall nice work, looking forward to seeing a complete version.