I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this in but,
What goes into writing a good solo? I've read some tips in some books and websites, but they were kind of confusing, so if someone could throw down a basic list of tips, that'll be sufficient.

one thing you can do is make up a solo without a guitar by humming, whistling or singing... then try to recreate it on guitar.

that way it would most likely come out more melodic because you are not concerning yourself with the technical 'finger' side of it all and instead focusing on the musicality.

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Following the chord tones in a progression is a pretty fool proof method.
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most guitarists on here will prolly tell you to just come from the heart and soul...and thats pretty much true. tho not ALL of the greatest solos were completely spontaneous. find out wutever the rythm chords under the solo are. then either record the progression in the tempo or have a friend play the chord progression in tempo while u start improving a solo for it. that would be the way i'd do it. other than that its hard to for ANY of US to tell YOU how to write a good solo....its all preference really. one person's favorite solo is another's "average" solo and so on and so on. i hope i helped a little...

p.s. if u get shivers while improving a solo over the rythm b/c it sounds so rite w/ the progression, that may be a hint that you have something good!!!! thats how it happens to me!!!
I think it's good to just improvise over whatever song or chord progression you're writing the solo for, and when you hit on something you like the sound or feel of, refine it until it sounds just right. It also helps to divide it up and put the solo together in pieces. If you try to focus on writing the entire solo you'll get bogged down and probably end up with a lot of filler. Work on it piece by piece, riff by riff.
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