this doesnt sound bad at all, its got a pretty developed feel for being so simple. i thought the guitar maybe had a little too much reverb, it seemed almost overbearing for me. the vocals sounded fine, couldnt hear anything wrong there. cant crit anything at all about the lyrics, but 5 points to you for bare simplicity i thought some vocal harmonies wouldve sounded awesome, but its your song not mine. nice work.
heres my stuff if youre interested
Great stuff man! you rule.

I think your voice has a really good tone.

I agree with allstrats726, you should experiment with some vocal harmonies
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Great stuff man! you rule.

I think your voice has a really good tone.

I agree with allstrats726, you should experiment with some vocal harmonies
If I could, I definitely would. I really have no singing background whatsoever.
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hey not bad i could add you with this joke myspace of mine if you want more friends

Do it man, that'd be great! I need e-friends.
Good tunes. I added you.
Wade in the water, child.
Pretty good. A little too simplistic for me, but that's what makes it good.
i really enjoyed it, your voice isn't bad at all. i like the guitar also.
i think ill add it as soon as my myspace is working :-/
I really like the guitar a lot and you have a great sound to your voice. by saying you can't sing much does that mean you have trouble making up melodies with lyrics? because you can sing on key and you do have a good tone. i think this has the potential to be a great song. some vocals layered on top of what you have would be awesome. if you would possibly like to collaborate on the vocals i could come up with something.

crit mine?
i like the tone on this one. i dunno if that's an acoustic or an effect-ridden electric, but it's late and i'm tired so i can't tell. cooool sound on this one. i kinda stopped writing a while ago but i guess you can check my stuff out if you want, and i added you.
alright I like the intro, I dont really like the tone you got going on th acoustic though. But I do like the reverb. The voice fits in pretty good, kinda outta tune a bit, but that can be fixed. I do like the chords or whatever it is your playing sounds very good. I like the tone to your voice. thats it? weird. But its pretty cool man, I can see this as a little track on an album. Reminds me of pink floyd, which isnt bad. Maybe you could throw a solo in there somewhere, I think that would add more to the whole Why Oh thing, but thats personal opinion. Nice tune though and I am SORRY FOR THE LATE ASS CRIT, I been busy. So sorry and thanks for the crit on mine.
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
It definitely is minimalist. I could imagine you taking what you have now and adding like a distant sounding fuzzed out guitar, coming in and out intermittently. Maybe a nice dissonant Sonic Youthy kinda thing. Just my opinion though, what you have so far is solid.

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