how close it is to april 1st?
I mean, come on last time something this big happened was when britney was on the news page, when was that? Oh yeah, sometime around now
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maybe everything will go back to normal on april 1st?
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Epic win. He speaks the truth, boys and girls.

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you know what, i rekon that is wats goin on. this is all just one big prank. all the admins, mods etc are in on it. i bet assrammer123 is just one of them.
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I vote you for Australian of the Year.

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lol yea chuck the sicky! what an aussie tradition angels fighter i too vote u for aussie of the year

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I call bullsh*t. White people don't get sacked.

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FOR REAL? jk. but seriously, lets make a wave of random Pit threads about absolutely nothing to wipe the front page of all these 'wtf happened?' threads.