Its titled, 3.24.07 AWMAWY on the webpage

I'm the guitar, panned right, my friend is the guitar panned left.

we switch the solos and rthym parts. I play the main melodies, and he plays the solos, tapping.

please comment on the tone and stuff, whether an amp needs to be set on higher treble or anything like that.

fyi, im using my buddies' yahama guitar, through my cube 60 on the dyna amp channel with gain at 6/12. my buddy is using his rg350dx through his fender fm212.

oh and we couldn't finish it all the way because of stuff.. .lol

and the recording was done with a video camera, converted to audio because no one was there to film, so the video is just feet. but in the link, its just the audio.

so no worries
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yea... I would say its great that you tried it, but it still needs a lot a work like your bending, vibrato, timing. And also the quality tone is pretty poor, 6,5/10
yup we're practicing 3 times a week, or at least trying to.

every time we're practicin we're going to start recording so i hope we can see the improvement.

how can i improve the tone? lower the bass on my amp?
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please comment on the tone and stuff, whether an amp needs to be set on higher treble or anything like that.

Tone's pretty nasty to be brutally honest with you...is it the rectifier model? If so, stop using it for that kind of stuff! Use the marshall-type one with a lot less gain, a lot more midrange, a bit less treble, neck pickup and a bit of reverb. For the rhythm part that should be pretty much clean...certainly turn the gain way down on that part.
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there are a few things that need work. first, the tone of the rhythm guitar is terrible. it should be a nice clean sound, not a trebely buzzing type of sound. the lead was off a lot on the timing, and the bends need a lot of work. just learn the lead, practice it over and over, then then try it again. it was not very good, but it can be a lot better with more practice.
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ya i used the dyna amp model, with the gain at half 12 a clock

i'll have to get a boss footswitch to switch between clean and the classic stack channel. i'll try all these nice constructive criticisms. thanks all. i hope to have recorded another one later today
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I have the Microcube and i use the Marshall Stack with the gain about 7 to play that song. I suggest to download a backing track to work on your timing. About your playing, there's no more to add that hadn't been said.
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