Okay, so i wasn't planning on posting anything on my work in progress until i had gotten my brand new kent armstrong motherbucker installed, but this was entertaining enough to post.

So i got the motherbucker in, along with a 500k pot for it. So i opened up my guitar and desoldered all the connections that i needed to work with. My original plan was to enlarge the single coil slot Okay, so plastic has a tendency to shatter and crack when you do something bad to i, right? well in anycase, i didn't have the tools to do it properly and not end up with a crazy mess. So i'm just gonna buy a new one, and by the time i'll have time to do it again, it'll be summer, and i'll have save dup more money. So i'm gonna go ahead and spring for a glowguard(http://www.auroraproject.co.uk).

So, now i got a guitar with no electronics, and i didn't feel like rewiring the old ones in there. But i did have a spare pickguard from another guitar that was scrapped! So i rewired it in there. Problem: the other pickguard was from a strat copy, not a squire strat, so the holes did not line up properly. Solution: Scotch tape.

Check it out:

edit: you can't see it clearly, but there are 4 pieces of scotch tape at the corners if yo ulook close enough. Do you dig the black on black though? i'm just imagining a big SOUL POWER alng the top

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Black on black for strats are always nice. It would be even better if you had a maple fretboard though... And get a 3-ply black pickguard instead.
I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't belive me.
lol YEAH you get cracks when you mess with pickguards. found that out the hard way (check out my pickguard closeup in the link of my sig. will have to get a new pickguard.)

Hey perhaps a great idea. Doublesided tape to fix the pickguard if the screws dont fit? ^^

black on black looks good though.

maybe do sth with the headstock as well?
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haha yeah, good job on the build tho, at least you had the balls to go ahead and hack away at the pickguard. i love the emotive portraits of your axe. I was thinking of going ahead and getting a 3 ply, black pickguard, for the clasic look, but i decided i don't want it to look classic. i want it to look unique. So i was thinking black on black still, but use a non-reflective paint, it would be like a charcoal kind of color. Re finish the top of the headstock in black and redo the squire logo in silver. I'm not afraid to admit my axe is a squire, and fie on ye haters. Fie on ye!

Then again, i might do black with neon green highlights, maybe a neon reen binding, or maybe a white binding. Or i could split it down the middle, black one one side white on the other. geez, well i'm not gonna have time to do it til much later, so plenty of time to drool over the prospects. what do you guys think?

thanks for checking it out.