I'm toying with the idea of doing a full blown cover of this song with my band... I threw this together in Cakewalk today... Wondering if you guys think it's any good and if it could be a potentially good cover.


Any feedback would be appreciated also crit for crit.
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Thanks, that gives me confidence... Of course with a full band I would kick the vocals up an octave and attempt to put the energy that Lennon and McCartney originally put into the song.

Do you have a clip of your band playing it? I'd be interested in hearing it.
I really like the vocals and the simplicity of it. I'd love to hear the full version of the song at some point unless you're just going to end it there...
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I think my bands going to try and cover this after all, I played it for them on CD and they liked it, so once we get a cover worked out, I'll record it and post it. Thanks for listening to it!