i just had a lucid dream... i think.... you tell me... ok so i fell asleep on my couch and i was having a dream then i realised i could think in it. so i decided to try a lucid dream. it worked. i think....

how can u tell if it was a lucid dream or a dream of a lucid dream (if that makes sense)
Well in lucid dreams you know you're in a dream and can sometimes control them. You could always ask the people in the lucid dreaming thread.
Everytime I try to control my dreams I wake up. I can only dream subconciously.
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You have to give yourself a few RTs. Use the usual ones; read some text, look away, and read it again; pinch yourself or try to cause a small amount of pain to yourself; do something extravagant like try to fly. These are all ways to know if you're really LD'ing.

I'm still working on getting my LDs to happen consistently.
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