what do you guys think about this mod for versatility i bought a fender standard strat blue with a maple neck im putting a hotrail in the bridge, a vintage noisless in the mid and a vintage noisless in the neck, and im gonna have them put a killswitch in does anyone know if guitarcenter can do this?. and other thinks that wont effect tone but make it look sweet will be black pickguard, tone knobs, and pickup covers
I wouldn't mod a fender if I were you... Unless it's a squire. But yeah Hotrails are really good, and Kill switches are amazing.
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I wouldn't mod a fender if I were you... Unless it's a squire. But yeah Hotrails are really good, and Kill switches are amazing.

why not mod a fender, oh damn i spelled versatility wrong sry im half dumb
Killswitches are easy. I highly recommend that you do it yourself.
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lol i have hot noiseless set on mine.
an active preamp too.
its pretty chill.
iono bout colors. i just have white plastic + Black guitar + chrome hardware
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lace sensors are really good pick ups as well

red sensors would be good for distortion
blue sensors are for bell like cleans (very nice)
and silver in the middle to complete the set...

they sell that set for about 150$if im not mistaken on musiciansfriend.com
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i have a strat like yours(blue with maple) except its a humbucker and idk about that black pickguard idea, imo a white pearloid(sp?) type one would be cooler
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do you know if they have dome knobs for a strat that would be tight

Like the telecaster ones? If thats what you mean, im pretty sure you can just put tele knobs on it.(I think I saw one before with them on it.)
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Other than the PU upgrades and the killswitch, the only other mods for versatility that I can think of are: add a TBX pot, a sustainer, and multiple switching. Check out this pre-wired PG:

(Invalid img)

13 basic sounds-

* 1) Bridge Pickup In Phase
* 2) Middle Pickup In Phase
* 3) Neck Pickup In Phase
* 4) Bridge/Middle Pickups In Phase
* 5) Middle/Neck Pickups In Phase
* 6) Bridge/Neck Pickups In Phase
* 7) All Three Pickups In Phase
* 8) Bridge/Middle Pickups Out Of Phase
* 9) Middle/Neck Pickups Out Of Phase
* 10) Bridge/Neck Pickups Out Of Phase
* 11) Neck/Middle Pickups In Phase, Bridge Out Of Phase
* 12) Bridge/Middle Pickups In Phase, Neck Out Of Phase
* 13) Bridge/Neck Pickups In Phase, Middle Out Of Phase

And what about changing bits and bobs to jazz it up a bit? Check out Guitar Fetish for some inexpensive hardware upgrades - click here.

This oneis kinda shaped like the GunMetal Gray knobs on my Aerodyne Jazz Bass except it's Chromed Brass:

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