I've been playing guitar for 3 years and about 6 months

I ****in love to shred, sweeps, trem, legato and all that stuff.

well lately ( as in for the past 3 - 4 weeks ) ive been sucking at it BADLY

i dont get it, I used to be so dam good, now it seems ive hit the biggest rut I've EVER known and here I am, UNABLE to shred, i have like no coordination between my right and left hand so alternate picking runs ****ed, my sweeping for the most part is sloppy and my legato... is ... meh...

I haven't stopped playing, if anything I've probably been playin more than usual, does anyone know what could've caused this ? or better yet, how to climb out of it ?

... or maybe God wants me to become the next Duane Allman
That happened to me, for a while I couldn't get this intro I had perfectly a few days before down...I guess you just take a break. Keep playing, but if you find yourself getting frusterated do something else.
Who dat?
Maybe its just in your mind, and if its not that maybe you should just keep practicing at it. Sometimes taking a break from something and coming back to it in a few days makes me better at it. Somehow...
just play through it everyone has bad patches maybe go back a little bit play some simple stuff then build yourself back up and it should be good.
You might just be bored subconsciously. Mess around with some other stuff for a while. Otherwise, you're just stuck in a rut, as everyone else here has said. It'll pass.
Yeah stop playing for a few days, the more frustrated you get with it the harder it will be to get it back, so either stop playing or play something thats very much not shred for a while, and when you go back to shredding, rather than busting into the exercises play along with a song from beginnning to end, something that is technical and that you really like, just get really into it (do it loud) and when you're done you'll realize you have just played stuff you were having trouble with like it was nothing.