hi , i have a Jackson warrior XT that ive had for a while now and was planning on upgradeing its stock pickups to something that will give me much better shredding and pinch harmonics and still be able to play some smooth rhythms without getting to muddy , my thoughts right now is going with a Tone Zone in the neck and an Evolution in the bridge, was wondering if this combo would be right for what i'm looking for, this will be my first time getting new pickups. =)
emg's, dimarzio
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well , i am looking for a sound like Michael Angelo in "no boundaries speed kills" but i dont feel like steping up to active pickups like emg. so am trying to find a passive alternative in dimarzios but having trouble picking the right ones, seeing i dont have them infront of me to play/test and decide before i buy.
Tone Zone isn't a neck pickup by any stretch of the imagination...you could go Tone Zone/Air Norton or simply a pair of Evos.
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i see.. Tone zone/air norton dosent sound bad, but would that get me a good shredding sound or atleast close to that of Michael angelo? ie in no boundaries?
Active pickups aren't complicated at all. You're making it seem like it's a huge leap of work.
to me it is.. jumping to active pickup seems like to much trouble to me and a possibility that they wont fit in my guitar. so trying to figure out what is(are) the best pickup/combo i could use that are close to emg's but still passive.. im leaning toward dimarzio but dont know for sure which to get. just asking for a little help deciding.
What type of metal you play?
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well right now im really diggin the michael angelo sound, i mostly play some black sabbath or guns n'roses
tonezone/air norton or if you want an emg sound, a D Activator set might be good it is ment to be a pasive that sounds like an active.
My Gear
Edwards E-LP-98LTC
Ibanez RG 321 MH
Jackson DK2M with tonezone
Mesa Mark III
Tech 21 Trademark 10
cool, i will look into the "D activator" , tonezone/air norton is starting to sound pretty good though.
also, would anyone know if there is something i can get to cover my pickups? like some sort of pickup covers, i am worried about getting pick scratches on my new pickups once i get them.