Hey all, i have done a couple of mods to my metal zone in an attempt to make it sound a bit better. I have done two mods, i changed a capacitor, and i tried using LEDs for the clipping diodes. I have switches so i can change it back to the original sound whenever i want. The capacitor change makes it sound less nasally, here is a sound clip, first with the original settings, then i switch it to the new capacitor.
The diode switch changes the distortion and is a lot louder than the original diodes. i don't use this switch much.
I have one suggestion, put the middle to the same turn as mid freq as it is in the pic, with them both at like about 2 and a half o'clock. Just an opinion. I have a Metal Zone, love it and don't really like how the clip sounds... Sorry. If you like it is all that matters.
The Keeley mods are just changing the tone capacitor, changing some of the radial-ended caps to better quality metal film and I'm fairly sure he does an IC swap. There's not a lot too them
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