the turn up the volume for hints thing gave it away.
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Yes, but it's a FACT that most metal artists have more musicainship and technical skill than pretty much all rappers.
You son of a bitch!
We spent a lifetime on the
Beaches of Normandy in vain

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oooh look at me, i'm clincher, internet tough guy

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When Nostradamus predicted badassery, he spoke of clincher09.

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haha i muted my speakers just in case
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nice work...

i thought it might be one of those for a second, but i didnt turn up the volume because i knew how to do the illusions...

lucky me...haha
crit my rhymes?:

Lets Get Drunk and Fuck.

Subtle Arrogance

Do you realize, that i can clearly see your clitoris through your jeans?

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They're very religious, so they have butt sex to save their virginity.
Thats like the third thread about this stuff this week.

Whats sadder, that people keep falling for it or that Ive been online enough to see three of these pop up?

Or that I fell for all three?