Does anybody know how Steve Vai goes about writing his music? I dont usually write based on riffs, at least single note ones. But he writes all these beautiful melodic peices, and i'd like to know if theres anything he does when he thinks about how something is going to sound.

Im really jealous of songs such as The Battle ( off of Elusive Light and Sound Vol. 1 ), especially the impact part at about 5 seconds into it. Also, his amazing tone that he gets. But that comes with time, because time comes with money (and improved technique.)

Anyway, do any of you know how he comes up with these insane melodies, and if he uses/what he uses to get all of the keyboard effects and such?


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He spends ALOT of time on his guitar.

go to Vai.com, theres a clicky there that says, Little Black Dots, clicky, then clicky the Martian Love Secrets. I could summarize for you but im lazy that way.. go read it..

ive made that my bible for the past 1yr.. very worth it.. read all 7parts..
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alright, i will. Thanks

Yeah, i also read he spends 8 hours a day practicing his guitar. I'm jealous of the fact that he can spend that much time on his guitar every single day. I would play around that much during the summer, but now school and extra curricular activities take up a lot of my time. A lot of them are guitar related, but dont have all that time to devote to straight practice.

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Xtopher pretty much gave the answer I was going to give. Reading through all his writings will definitely give you an idea from where he comes from; his love of music, and translating his feelings and mindset into music.

Like in one of his lessons on his site, he comes up with a chord which describes being hungry, biting an apple, only to choke on it and spit it out. That's what it is, just translation from one language to the musical language.
one of my favourite elements of steve vai's playing is when he makes is guitar sound like a voice.
its something which he says he strives to do .
and in some ways isnt that hard .
if you take the opening motif to "for the love of god" the notes he plays are made more "vocal "by sliding in to some of of them 2 or 3 frets below each one.