barely found the lyrics for these two oldies by Alive N Kickin and Andy Kim. They're not on this site. Can anyone give me the chords or tell me where i can find them?
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Is there anyway you can cut and paste these? I dont have the right tools to open those funky files.
I dont know anything about how to open and view these files.

I contacted Alive n Kickin through their website. Seems like the original guitarist for the group is as computer challenged as me cuz he snail-mailed me the sheet music for "Tighter, Tighter". it's in the key of E. Whatever that means. Looks like the chords are E A E A E A B A B D E D D. and these are sharp....in other words, they all have a little "b" after them. If anybody can comment on this or give further info on viewing the above files, please do.
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I appreciate the effort....perhaps this is a good time to let ya know, not only am i computer file challenged, i'm also a newby guitar player of about 6 months. That means that i was hopin to simply find the lyrics of both songs with the chords above them. Dont know how to read tabs yet.

Since this site doesnt have the lyrics or chords to either song, I'll try to post my interpretation of Tighter, Tighter using the sheet music the guy sent me.
Someday I will post these two songs.. I have 'transcribed' them at home...

these are the chords(Key is: Emajor) for 'Tighter & Tightrer"(Alive & Kicking.. from Brooklyn N.Y)
*verses: E-A-F#mE *Chorus: A-F#m-A-F#m-D-E-D-E

these are the chords for "Rock Me gently"(Andy Kim)
* C-F-G7 (very simple composition)

I hope this helps!
David shawn
I am not sure what you are referring to in the "Alive & Kicking" sheet music as I have never come across a copy of it.. but sounds like it was published in Eb.. if there is a 'b' aftre the E-A chords than that refers to 'E flat'... alot of times the piano arranged sheets are never in the original key!
Like I said.. I matched it best I could to the recording with (E-A-F#m chords).. let me know how it is going!