well im lookin at buying a guitar, ive picked out 2 really good ones imo, one has a solid top (stika spruce) and laminate sides (mahagony) the other is a solid body with all solid woods, both sound great but i want to know in the long run whats the difference in tone and sound that'll come out, both are the same price n one is a normal dreadnought and the other without the solid sides n back is acoustic electric.



basically any thoughts on which i should get and in the long run how different will the sound be?
There may be tonal differences but these are minute compared to other parameters. Laminates are stronger when new, but in the long run, and here I am talking decades instead of years, solid back and sides makes for greater durablity and easier repairs. Some laminates tend to come apart over the years and this can not be reversed. Solid backs just crack and cracks can be mended. If the back has to be removed to give access to the inside of the soundcase solid wood is a big advantage. Removing and neatly putting back in place an old dried out piece of plywood is close to impossible.
Then there is of course the light and pleasant feel of an all solid guitar. It's always inspiring to have a piece of equipment that has been lovingly made and is not run of the mill.

One other thing however, is the electronics. Chances are that you are going to miss the possiblity to plug in much sooner than that you will regret having a plywood back. Why not try to have the best of both worlds and look for an all solid guitar that also has a good EQ?
Or better yet, get a solid wood guitar and an aftermarket pickup. Aftermarket pickups are much nicer and cost you less in the long run.
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know any good aftermarket pickups i should look into above others or any particular brand that stands out?
B-Band and LR Baggs are my favorite if you are playing through a PA or an acoustic amp. Both companies make several types of sound board transducers and undersaddle transducers. Which is best depends on how loud you want to play.

If you are playing through an electric guitar amp then you will want a magnetic soundhole pickup. There are a lot of good soundhole pickups out there but I'm not too sure about which brands are best.
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I would say the Parkwood
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the parkwood i played was amazing, there was a 2,000 taylor there n it gave it a good run for its money, even the salesman said it was one of the best guitars hes ever played especially in that price range, the one i was looking at was built in colaboration with cort tho and cosmetically looks far better than the pics, i think i'll get the parkwood but im swinging either way because of the electronics