Okay, I'm 14 years old and the guy I wanna do my project with is 14, too. We're looking for a guitar/musical instrument project that's not as hard as the ones that these pro musicians who have weeks of free time and the inventory of radioshack are proposing....but at the same time we don't wanna be doing these "let's' put rubber bands on a shoe box!" type things. Any suggestions?
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Are you looking for recording gear?
Be a little specific...

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Uhhh...probably leaning more towards instruments, doesn't matter if they're amplified or not.
Everything I say is a lie. Is this true or false? Ha! I made that up!
... um do u want to mod a guitar? If so, putting in a killswitch is pretty easy..... changing pickups.... basically everthing electronically on a guitar is pretty easy.
This project definitely calls for a lap steel guitar. Do some googling and come up with some ideas - the good thing is that you can make one look whatever you like and they are really easy to make.
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