I hear about people say that smoking marijuana makes you more creative on the guitar but i dont smoke so i was wondering if getting somewhat drunk has the same effect? Thanks in advance.
I'm going to have to say no. I've tried to play when I was hammered and the result is a lot of fumbling on the fretboard and squelching sounds coming from the guitar. It's not pretty.

Smoking weed on the other hand is a different experience. Everything seems more relaxed and you can make up some amazing riffs when you do it. Just don't let your parents find you out!
Neither smoking nor drinking improves anything. It inhibits your brain.

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Neither smoking nor drinking improves anything. It inhibits your brain.

and by the way you'd have to try it out for a real answer.
Not for me. And yes, they both alter your mind, and I think most people would want to be able to do things great normally, instead of having to get wasted all the time...
and by the way you'd have to try it out for a real answer.

you a pissed up stoner by any chance?

All they do is screw your brain up, if you want to misguidedly interpret that as creativity that's up to you, but giggling at squirrels or prancing around outside a kebab shop with a traffic cone on your head aren't exactly what I'd class as works of genius.

Last time I tried to play drunk I broke three strings with my first attempt at strumming something, it's a daft idea.
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In my experience, being doped up and playing makes you 'think' what you're playing is amazing. However, recordings of it showed afterwards it was mostly crap, an sloppily played. Alcohol and music don't mix too well, depending on how drunk you get. I personally think it inhibits creativity, and dulls reflexes and movements.
So a big no to both.
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In my experience, being doped up and playing makes you 'think' what you're playing is amazing. However, recordings of it showed afterwards it was mostly crap, an sloppily played. Alcohol and music don't mix too well, depending on how drunk you get. I personally think it inhibits creativity, and dulls reflexes and movements.
So a big no to both.

i agree i like a drink but playing and drinkin is a no go
Drinking+playing is good for incressing your intesnsty of like a live show.
Get a lil drunk jam out a set get everyone really pumped up it works.
But i dont suggest jsut sitting at home and pounding a few back.
The difference between weed and drinking is that Weed puts you in a differnt frame of mind, for some people this helps with creativity, also shit sounds tripped out when your baked lol. Where as when your drunk your in your normal state of mind but you reaction time is decressed and all that jazz.
My advice
Drop Acid! lol

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In my experience, being doped up and playing makes you 'think' what you're playing is amazing. However, recordings of it showed afterwards it was mostly crap, an sloppily played. Alcohol and music don't mix too well, depending on how drunk you get. I personally think it inhibits creativity, and dulls reflexes and movements.
So a big no to both.

Like everything in life it just takes practice.
I get blitzed and can play better (lol not just to me)
because i can hold my timing better sense im able to
feel the music better.
But liek i said everyone is differnt
its different for each person.

but drugs alter your mind state, so can help you see things (not hallucinations) youd never be able to see, melodys, phrases, licks, chords progressions....
but quite as easily on the otherhand they can leave you fucked out ur head with you unable to even strum the guitar, or comprehend what you are playing anyway...
No smoking does nothing but kill brain cells, and hey losing brain cells makes u less creative if anything. i know a guy who was high and stuck a light bulb in a orange juice box and said it was creative....if u think that is then u should got for it i dont think it is.
lmao, i know people who are sober and think squirls are just machines used by the government to spy on us....
To each his own.
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I find the same ends can be acheived by different means. Maybe it's just relaxing and throwing a baseball around. For me, I find meditation brings me to where I want to be, and can often make me much more aware and focused with my playing.
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Certainly some dope will put you in a different state of mind which while perhaps not specifically helping your music, will change it. Different, not worse or better. Listening to good music while high on the other hand is awesome though.

Weed as a rule doesn't do much for muscle coordination; neither does booze. Alcohol and playing don't mix much. A shot or two to ward of stage fright before a show maybe but nothing more.
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honestly a shot or 2 of alcohol or a beer or 2 to get a little relaxed is ok. getting half drunk or totally sh!tfaced is never a good idea. i smoked pot for a LOOOOOONG time and i can say now that i don't smoke, that it really doesn't make you any more creative than you can be when you're sober....... now acid is a whole different story, but i do not condone or recommend that to anyone 'cuz for every one of me who can do something amazing on it there are a thousand others who get noodled and have no coordination or control and can't really express what they feel 'cuz they're too screwed up on it (same goes for all hallucinogens really) i'm with nightwind, meditate or do something to free up your mind so that you don't really think about what you're playing, thats usually (i've found) when the best stuff comes.
Why would you ask this in a music theory forum?
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You know, it's kind of interesting to see all of the anecdotal responses, and no real information... I don't think asking on a forum, or having people recommend doing drugs, or flaming you for it, is really going to influence the personal decision to do drugs or not. It's a highly personal decision, and how you come to it is your own issue. You've already decided, before you've asked, whether or not you're going to try something, and I suspect that nothing we say here is going to influence that decision one way or another.

While I'm personally against drug use, it's not my responsibility to tell you not to do drugs. I -do-, however, strongly caution that you should know exactly what the **** you're doing before you put anything in your body. Which means, simply, reading. There are a lot of good websites that detail the actual effects of drugs, and how to know whether or not you got ****ed up on something more than you should have. You should be familiar with what to expect before you get high, and get high with people you trust, if that's the decision you come to.

Here's the deal kids; any type of drug is going to inhibit your actual playing ability somewhat. In what manner, and how much, depends on what you're doing. So in a sense, the straight-edge zealots are right, it doesn't help. But it's not really that simple.

When it comes to alcohol, a goodly amount will definitely screw up your coordination. That said, alcohol's been the mainstay of musicians for about 2000 years. Besides the humerous stories that come out of it, alcohol has various effects on both the creative system and the physical ability. For the performer, any amount of alcohol will inhibit mobility of the hands; to some extent that might be acceptable, because it releases inhibitions, and has a clear effect on reducing performance anxiety. That's a trade off that's often accepted... I can think of maybe a handful of classical musicians I've worked with who have never performed with a few drinks in them, and at most music schools I'm familiar with, a few of the students tend to actually drink with their professors -- and it's often tacitly accepted that they might have a couple before a recital. For the composer/songwriter, drinking frees up inhibitions in a different manner, and a lot of the creative process for those I've worked with involves limiting those mental inhibitions and becoming more open the more primal, or extreme, expressions that come to them.

Personally, I don't drink (anymore), or anything else, and I don't find it to be an issue for me creatively. A rather funny example of a composer who did was Stravinsky, who was a complete lush -- when writing the rite of spring, he and Roerich had no money, and use to go out and get wasted, and write the music in drunken fits. At one point, they were so broke, and couldn't find anyone to back the ballet, that Stravinsky went out and got so drunk he convinced himself that he could conduct, perform, and -dance- the ballet by himself if he needed to. Now pick a few of your favorite musicians and see how they treat alcohol, and you'll see some interesting things. Not all of them drink, though I'm having trouble thinking of any offhand. Quite a few do, but perform sober. I know some get wasted on stage...

Alcohol is an inhibitor, and there have been a lot of studies on how it affects your ability to perform. On one hand it inhibits inhibitions, including the adrenaline response to performance pressure, and make it easier to be on stage; on the other hand it reduces your ability to actually perform. For creativity, it inhibits mental inhibitions also, but it also makes it harder to do anything useful with what you may (or may not) come up with.
It's not fair to single out alcohol though, since a lot of people have read the studies on it, and are inately familiar. So what about the hallucinogens?

Marijuana, lsd, peyote, ketamine, psilocybin, GHB (in the right amounts), and most other hallucinogens are known to have different effects on the creative system. Personally I think any drug that ****s you up that much makes it down-right hard to physically play -- that's coming from experience. However, it's well known that hallucinogens can stimulate a synesthesic response in some people; or simply the perception of a highly altered reality. Synesthesia is something that definitely affects both musical perception and the creative process. Most of the famous musicians from the last 400 years are known, or suspected, to have had some degree of synesthesia, naturally or artificially; including Mozart, and Beethoven (lead poisoning induced, oddly enough), Wagner, Hendrix, and a whole gripstack of others. Of the four I listed, Hendrix is the only one known to induce synesthesia with drugs. Full blown hallucinations can also stimulate the creative system, though how effectively, and how it translates to music, is highly subjective. Again, most of these drugs make it hard to do anything physically, but are highly stimulative to the creative system. On the other hand, it's kind of interesting that they can also have a perverse effect on the creative process; overwhelming, or distracting the user from being able to focus theirself in an altered state.

Whether or not hallucinogens promote creativity is highly individual.

Stimulants, inc. cocaine, speed, various barbituates, and others, have also been a backbone of musicianship for longer than anyone can think. The concertist has used natural stimulants for as long as the concerto's existed, so have numerous other performers. This is kind of a crutch... a lot of people find it hard to keep up with the music when performing if they're not juiced. It's well known that Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and a ton of others in the last century have used uppers to keep themselves going. I highly suspect Mozart did cocaine (the behavioral patterns fit). Stims are also used to offset the effects of some other drugs -- Lewis Carrol, for instance, used coke to keep from passing out when he chased the dragon. It's suspected that Shakespear also did coke to enhance his poetry (cocaine having the odd effect of making it really easy to write in certain poetic meters, and systems). Obviously the chances of overdosing, the life altering effects, and the odds of addiction are things that mar the attractiveness of such drugs.

Opiates, including opium and herion, are interesting drugs. They're highly altering, and tend to create intense sensations, synesthetic systems, altered perceptions, or full blown hallucinations (fully altered reality). You can probably think of a few msuicians that do heroin, and see the effects for yourself. Really, it's not worth it, imo. OTOH, Lewis Carrol wrote Alice doped up on opium and cocaine -- now that's some kind of creativity. Opiates act similarly to very strong hallucinogens, with the added side effect of being a highly suppressive/depressive drug. It's a big downer, people usually crash hard, and can't do a damned thing.

Musicians tend to avoid depressants, or downers, of any kind, because the effects are contrary to what they're looking for... the poor musician who gets hooked on downers usually does them as part of some cocktail to counter act the effects; or more commonly, uses them to counter the effects of stimulants they're on, so they can come back down again.

Again... whether or not the negative side effects of drugs are something you're willing to deal with when you choose to do them is a personal decision. You should know what the negative consequences of something are before you make the choice to do it. Whether or not you decide to do it is completely personal. I don't think it's a good idea, but I have the feeling I'd be wasting my time telling anybody not to do something, on the interweb.
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cor once again, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

edit: not to be a d!ck but can we get this closed up? i think all the valid points and responses have been made and really this is more of a pit topic i think.
it depends with drinking .. i know i have come up with some pretty wierd ideas but the only thing is when ur drunk and u write the stuff down it doesnt really make sense when ur sober
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