I am the screamer in a metal band and ive always wanted to go solo and make acoustic music before i competely destroyed my vocal cords, so i am looking at buying an acoustic guitar but i have no idea wats good and wats bad so... which one should i get the Alvarez RD8 or the Takamine F40Rs or the Alvarez AD70S? I will be playing mostly stuff like Johnny Cash and James Blunt and stuff like that.

-Thanks, Tyler
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save up and get a Martin (even a cheap one...) or at least a better guitar in general. Alvarez isnt so good and i only have a takamine because its my very first guitar and i got it signed by John Mayer.
I'm no expert on this issue, but I've played both a High end and Low end Martin. I was unimpressed with the low end (though very impressed with the high end). In the same price range as the low end Martins at guitar center (~$600), the Taylors and Breedloves seemed both better sounding and higher build quality. All I'm saying is that you should also explore other options and not pick something for the name alone.

And of course, there have been tons of "which acoustic" threads, make sure you go through those to gain insight into which acoustic might suit your needs...There's at least one sticky as well I think.
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