hi all, i have a 100w solid state half stack that ive havnt used in a couple months, I got it inside today to have a go and noticed that when ever i turn the volume up past 10 o'clock it lets out huge squeals and squeltches. This shouldnt be happening and its unplayable at mid the high volumes. It worked fine just a couple months ago.. anyone know what may have happened??

It may have been exposed to a fair amount of sunlight as it was under a high window..

edit: Volume at 10 o'clock you can hear faint squeal at arounf 2 its unbareable
My gear:
Ibanez jem555, rg320, rg170dx
Ashton gt100 amp
boss me50
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its busted. a buddy of mine busted his behringer amp and it made that exact same annoying ass squeal sound. if it was left in a garage or something in cold weather that could have messed it up or yeah being left in the sun. i guess just keep the volume down and use it as a practice amp.