I play metallica, rhcp, guns n' roses, pantera, greenday(older stuff), nirvana, a lot of clean stuff, some van halen, and led zepplin.... o and can't forget some blues.
Now, I would like a guitar in a color besides black, that doesnt have a "traditional" shape(any fender or strat-ish shape, LP, SG), also a Floyd Rose, and a inverted(upside down) headstock would be nice but I would do without if I had to.
I have looked for a while and still havent found any like that. My price range around $1000. Any help will be appreciated.
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how bout
a built in coffee-machine?

i dont think youre gonna get what you want
unless you buy a bc rich
but they pretty much arent that good

whats your budget?


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....hmm... do they make an explorer or explorer shaped guitar with a floyd?
Im really liking the Jackson KE-2(if my patience with saving money lasts) or KE-3 Kelly