Yo everyone.
I am a beginner and just wondering how to get a clean sound. I am trying to play cowboys from hell and i can get the fingerings and picking going good but i just cant get a clean sound. Am I muting the strings? What should I do to get a clean sound?
Few possibilities...

1) are you getting a buzzing sound? your action is too low
2) is it distortion? turn the gain down on your amp/don't use pedals/turn the volume knob on your guitar down
3) make sure when you fret you get your finger as close as possible to the fret...that'll help w/ buzzing some too
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You're trying to play something that's way too fast for you, that's all. Cowboys from hell is a very fiddly riff, I'd honestly advise trying something a bit easier but if you're insistent you'll simply have to play it slowly at a speed you can play it cleany and gradually build up speed. And gradually doesn't mean over half an hour, gradually means over a few weeks...that's how long it'll take. The reason I'd suggest trying something simpler is because it WILL take you weeks to nail that riff even if it's all you practice, in that time you could be learning a shedload of stuff fairly quickly because it's attainable at your current skill level.
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