Hello i'm fairly new here and i'd like to ask a couple things.

In a local music shop there is a tokai AST-33 strat for sale (345e).
You can choose if u want a maple or rosewood neck. Which one should i take?
You can also choose if u want TOS-1K or S. Duncan SSL-1 pickups. Which should it take? (If i'd take the s. duncans it would cost an extra 209e)
Rosewood neck! and Seymour Duncan pickups! thats if they are Seymour Duncan and not some ripoff called S. Duncan.
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Well take the cheaper pickups. Chances are you will change them down the line if you really like the guitar itself but dislike the tone. that way you have more choices for pups instead of just what the shop is selling. As for neck thats all you. Which ever one feels and sounds better to you is what you shoudl get. I prefer the feel and darker tone of rosewood. Its nice and warm for me. Maple is to bright although I have a guitar with a maple fretboard I don't like it much.
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