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Watching Tom Delonge. He made it look so easy...
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Honestly, I wanted to play guitar because of all those bands I loved when I was younger; greenday, blink-182, etc. Also, my friends were playing and I wanted to start up a hobby.

And now, after several years, I'm so glad I started, it changed me completley! I'm now into Guns N' Roses, Pink Floyd, The Who, Megadeth, etc. Guitar totally changed how I act and my personality and all, it's definatley a plus in my life. Such a fun instrument to play too.
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Well tom delonge was what made me pick up a guitar....he kinda betrayed all of his fans but he was good back in the day.....used to be my hero
i wanted to be like kirk hammett and synyster gates when i was 16. im 19 and i still do :p
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Honestly, I wanted to play guitar because of all those bands I loved when I was younger; greenday, blink-182, etc. Also, my friends were playing and I wanted to start up a hobby.

And now, after several years, I'm so glad I started, it changed me completley! I'm now into Guns N' Roses, Pink Floyd, The Who, Megadeth, etc. Guitar totally changed how I act and my personality and all, it's definatley a plus in my life. Such a fun instrument to play too.

ditto, except i got into priest and sabbath first off then maiden and now i like everything from that to power metal and thrash metal and shred and all sorts of shit. good shit of course
Watching my dad playing classical compositions (he's pretty decent at those)

And listening to all those cool guitar bands, like Pink Floyd, Rainbow, Deep Purple, 'Tallica, Maidenl, Megadeth and lots of others, which I picked up from my dad when I was about 6 or 7.
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Well, I've had a guitar since I was around 5...or 6 or 7... I got an acoustic. When I got it all I would do was hit the strings really hard and eventually I put it away.

When I was 10 I started taking my lessons and eventually traded my first acoustic for a bigger, better, and awesome looking (it was a black that bursted into a maroon-ish color) acoustic. Later I quit lessons because they were boring; I had a bluegrass teacher(he was a very good player, just not my style) and all I learned were hymns and chords. I then put my acoustic away again for a while.
When I was 12 I started messing around with the guitar because I wanted to learn how to play cool songs that were on T.V. and the radio (green day, good charlotte, etc...) and later that year, I got lessons again. This time my teacher was a guitar/trumpet/marching band directing guy who played a bit of everything. This time I started out on single notes and learned some cool simple single string-single note beginner songs. I still wasn't that thrilled about guitar yet, so about a year passed and I've learned power chords and the basics. Well about that time, he started teaching me fingerpicking. He could see I was bored with the songs that were in the book he was teaching out of, so he then played the fingerpicking parts in Nothing Else Matters and Fade To Black.
I never had listened to Metallica before, so I went home and listened to it off the internet. From then on Metallica has been my favorite band and the band that got me really serious about guitar. I then got me my first electric for my 14th birthday. I am now hoping for a career for either in music, guitar building, teaching guitar, being in a band, or owning/working at a guitar shop. Rock On.

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My dad would force feed his Cream, Hendrix, Floyd, Zep etc records on me.
Then he force taught me how to play.

Best two things he ever did for me.
i immediately wanted to learn the guitar after watching the film "School Of Rock" - one of the best films ever. i must see for guitarists/musicians or even drummers (heh heh)
I got into guitar after sitting at home bored everyday, injured from a road accident. My Dad was playing his acoustic, and I was impressed, then he ended up buying himself an amp and electric after about ten years without owning an electric (he's an acoustic guy). And sitting listening to the electric amazed me, so I ended up getting my first guitar - a Strat copy.
when i heard the opening chords of smells like teen spirit, my outlook on music completely changed and i wanted to play grunge instead of being a classical musician, so i got a guitar for christmas that year (it sort of made me just abandon playing clarinet, probably a good thing)
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Honestly, I wanted to be "punk" so I played guitar and to me before, punk was simple plan,greenday and good charlotte. After a year or so, I started liking other bands like trivium,nirvana and atreyu. I probably would have liked hip hop if it werent for guitar

If it wasn't for guitar or MTV (Even though I HATE MTV, I still have to give them props for getting me INTO the instrument), I would still be listening to new rap and hawaiian music...

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Well the way i was brought up really, my parents were Black Sabbath, Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix fans (more so those than others) so i was brought up listening to that, my dad brought a strat just so that he could haev one around the house (he was a Rory Gallagher fan) i wanted to learn how to play but my mum made me think it was harder than it is. I gto into more styles of music (Rock, metal, punk) then at the age of 12 my mum decided to buy me a guitar (we werent living with my dad so i couldnt use the squier affinity strat he had) I learnt a bit on the crappy thing i had then my dad gave me the squier played this for about half a year decided i needed a humbucker, ot a dean flying V cos i thought it was metal, decided it wasnt what i wanted, by this point i was into blues, 'shred', classical, instrumental a lto of this stuff, then got an Ibanez S470 which is exactly what i need, all of these guitars were spread over time, i'm not spoilt
Watching videos of Dimebag improvising solo's onstage clicked it for me.
Kirk hammet with Master of Puppets was the song which made me pick up a guitar and learn the White Stripes - Seven NAtion Army.


Now i loook up to the likes of Alexi Laiho, Jani Liilmatien, Neil Zaza, JerryC, AJ from The Human Abstract

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Well, my mom wanted me to play, so she bought one. At first, I wasn't that fond of it. But then I learnt "Wild Thing" so I thought I was awesome. Then, after a year, I really got into shred and metal, which naturally made me practice more^^
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i started on guitar 'cos of this band thing in music class- around autumn of 2004 when i was in yr9 (which we never ended up doing) i got my first electric that cristmas. Then in about feb 2005 came the point at which i knew i was serious- i sold my xbox to pay for a new guitar and amp(!!!) I got into heavy music by stayin up l8 and watching metal shows on scuzz and stuff and i've been in 2 bands up to now (i waz almost in a 3rd but i kinda ****ed it up a bit)

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Acturelly after listerning to What's the story morning glory by Oasis and the Bends by Radiohead many years back but on that time I havn't get the money to buy guitars or lessons to learn. My parents thinks and still thinks it's a waste of money. They rather want me to play something like a violin or keyboard than a guitar.
So is not unitll I earn eoungh money to buy guitar and afford lessons that started to learn how to play the guitar.
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My sister got a acoustic for her 8th birthday after only asking for it for less than half a been askin since i was mate and now fellow band member Greg taught me smoke on the water on his washburn bass.

My Dad got me an encore strat copy for my 13th birthday.shit i no but wen ur lookin to play guitar ur first one is a godsend.i was totally stoked and i missed half of school just sat there playin smoke on the of rock made me wanna learn.
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i got a SX Fender copy and a crappy 10W practice amp(The Drive) for Christmas. It was awesome at first. Then i stopped learning the guitar for about a year because my teacher was kinda bad. We were in the middle of learning Stairway when i quit. I still wanted lessons, but with a different person.
Then i saw the movie School of Rock, Rock School, and
They all inspired me. I still watch guitar on youtube every once in a while. My goal is become better than him by the time i am 20. Im currently 15, so...
Rock School is an awesome movie though. Has anyone seen it? That CJ kid is amazing!
Now im going to get lessons once again after i go to Mexico next week(for spring break). Im going to have my B-day there. And all i want for my b-day is money, so that i can buy a new guitar. Then ill go from there.
was over my friend's house and she had an electric guitar there, i had a really basic idea of guitar stuff back then since i wasn't so in to it at the time, we had lessons at school like 2 years ago.

then playing with distortion was what got me, it was a starcaster from costco.

ah, fun.
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um.... no idea. think it was just destiny
That and linkin park... BUT ive gone to clasic rock and metal now , GNR and Killswitch ftw
Dave Grohl, seriously. he may not be the best guitarist around, but he sure knows his way around the instrustment, i tried to learn drums as well, bought the drumsticks and all, but gave up cos i couldn't afford a drumset.
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I always wanted to pick up an electric guitar...but it wasnt until I broke up with my gf of two years, and all of a sudden I had all this free time. Haha best decision i ever made!

oh yeah...and AC/DC of course
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I was going to play bass in a band with my friend Lewis. I went to guitar center to get a bass and stuff, then the guy told me I shouldn't play bass. He then told me to name my 3 favorite bands. I did and then he asked me to name their bassists, I couldn't. He then said bassists never get the glory, he handed me a guitar and my normal life was over.
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I got into guitar cause my friend is a beast at it and he taught me a few chords then I started playing myself

also my sisters played alot of metallica , sabbath , aerosmith and stuff when I was little so I got hooked on the sound of guitar
about 1 year in a half ago, my friends started to get into playing guitar, and i just naturally went along with them, found my mums old acoustic, learnt brown eyed girl and have never looked back.......

that is what friends are for
Grew up listening to a whole lot of rap and Rn'B. Then I got hooked on Blink, but not the guitarists! I wanted to be like Travis! No matter what you guys may think of the band, he was an awesome drummer, you've gotta give him that! But my mum said it would be way too loud if I had a kit and she persuaded me to try the guitar. That got me into Gn'R and COB and many other bands but I still listen to 'black' music! And there ain't nothin wrong with it! You people are just biased with your one or the other thing but everyone's entitled to their own opinions too! Well yea!

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I believe it was mainly JerryC :p I watched Funtwo's cover of Canon, then looked at JerryC's original as well as all of his other songs. I thought it was awesome and wanted to do that, so I started. I think Metallica might have influenced me a little bit directly afterwards (although I've been listening to them forever, go figure), but the vast majority of the umph to start playing was from JerryC. I guess a bit (or more) had to do with the fact that he's Chinese, and so am I, except he grew up in Taiwan, and I grew up in the States :x
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Well originally, it was because of blink 182 mostly, and crappy music, when I was like 8. I never really got good, I could play wish you were here, and other easy songs.

THEN! One day, I was at a girls house, I really liked her, and all of the sudden she bust out an acoustic guitar, and I thought in my head "maybe I can learn how to play something, and impress her". Sadly I never went back to that girls house, and never did impress her .

Anyway, yeah, the only reason I am good at the guitar was to impress a girl, but obviously that's not the only reason anymore :P. That just helped spark the fire, ya know?
I was an imigrant and had no idea what good music was in america, so ended up lisining to green day and simple plan. Then one day my freind introduced me to metallic, and I was like "shit this is awesome". Now I'm into pink floyd, GnR, Hendrix, clapton, zack waylde, etc
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