Hey, I have only played guitar for 2 months however I think I am doing great! I can already play Most of The Millenium King by Old Mans Child (exept parts of the solo )

Well right now I am playing on a guitar of the unknown brand "Vantage" (its kinda sucky) and the Marshall MG15 amp. Both isnt very great, so I am planning on buying a new guitar somewhere in the new future (The amp sucks too but the guitar is the worst so the best idea would be to exchange the guitar first right? )

I listen to most metal, but the Melodic stuff I really love (Probably because I have played the acoustic guitar for 6 years). Bands like Old Mans Child (of course, hehe), In Flames, At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, Children of Bodom are my main interests.

Well what guitars and maybe altso amps should I try out, for the best setup for playing this stuff? I have looked at the ESP M400 and MH400 wich both are just under 1000 dollars here in Denmark. But then I thought about do I even need a floyd rose for these thing I wanna play? I heard it should be a lot harder to change the strings and stuff if there is this Floyd Rose on it + it gets more expensive for a guitar with floyd rose. So should I just drop the idea of these to models, and maybe go out and try one from the H or MHNT series?

My budget for the guitar will be around 7-800 dollars and for the amp around 3-400.
Hope you guys can help me out
Køb en Schecter! Jeg var i samme i situation som dig for et par uger siden, og jeg endte med at bestille en Schecter Hellraiser Avenger fra eBay. Det var den bedste beslutning ever! Jeg endte med at betale 5800 kr i alt, og guitaren er skabt til metal med dens onde udseende og aktive EMG'er.
Lets just keep it in english ok? Well I am not very happy about buying something over the internet (you never know what the guitars condition is) and especially not when when it is from a private person.