Enslaved in a profit machine
Constantly taking
Enslaved by a monstrous lust
Frequently awaking
Enslaved by old habits
Losing sight of ideals
Enslaved by a hunger
The willpower it steals

Master of my own domain
But elements of chance I blame
Not brave enough to look inside
From inner demons I choose to hide

Blaming others for self-inflictions
Blaming nature for my addictions

In darkness can be light
In weakness great might
My thoughts can dictate
Inner gloom or inner bright

Self-induced limitations
Seen to reflect the will of nations
These innate drives
Proclaimed to greaten lives

Proclamations to enslave
These instincts are an early grave
Among the walking dead
Men and women lose their heads

My seeds are mine to sow
My nature my own
Instincts eliminated or grown
My nature my own