i have a westfield les paul copy guitar and id never really heard of them before
does anybody own one or know anything about them
it plays really well just wanted some opinions really
I started on a westfield bass. One of the worst instruments possibly conceived.
Squire's are thousands of times better.

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Quote by MikeWest2006
I've got a Westfield E4000, I really like it, plays well!

yeah its the same as mine
I started on a Westfield, it's a copy of a Jackson Dinky. The neck is pretty nice to play on, but the trem is crap. The pickups are badly fastened to the guitar, but they get the neck right lol.
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I have a Westfield Strat for sale, You can have it for £40, PM ME!
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i have a westfield strat, it's surprisingly good, it's quite loud and sounds hollow when you play it but i don't care
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ive got a westfield aswell, i tryed out a expensive epiphone in the shop and the westfield, and the westfield sounded better for some reason, *and it was cheaper:p*
But it also means i dont have to be that carefull with it becasue its not an expensive epiphone.

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