ok, sorry for kinda reposting, but the other threed was kinda crap and not to the point:

Out of these two guitars, which one should i get, i cant try the jackson so i have to rely in comments
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Ibanez S470 (in black) http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ibanez-s-470/10988
( this is what it looks like in black http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/help.php?id=222)
Jackson DXMG http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/dx-mg/1220

Please i dont want, if u wanna pay XXX more u can get "blah blah". Out of those two which one would suit my needs more. Thanks
+ i will listen to upgrade option tho...
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Definitely Ibanez.
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thank you, ive one and they're really nice (teh ibanez). Good to mess wth as they are so light, just a little differnt to my LP. Thanks for the input
Get the Ibanez in blue!
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Ibanez ftw
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I would say the Ibanez, but make sure you try it first. I got my RG1570 without trying it, and I regret getting one with a middle single coil. It gets a bit awkward for palm muting.
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screw yall, that jackson is kick ass!!!!
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personally, the ibanez. i wasn't terribly big on my dinky.
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Oky doky, im gonna broaden it a litte more. the Ibanez or a LTD 400 series?

ltd ....you said u play metal so the emgs will get you a little extra crunch depending on you amp....but the cleans are not so good you have to use the bridge emg 85 and roll the volume
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Ibanez. The S series is similar in some respects to the RG series, and the RG series is great, so i'd recommend it highly. The only S i've personally played was an S classic prestige MIJ. Incredible feel, but the price was disgusting ($850, used!).

Still, i'd say the S470. If you can get an older one, that'd be even better (apparently they play better).