Hey, im sort of interested in wireless systems. Ive googled and such and I cant find all that much information about them. Just wondering what the best brands are and possibly what the best unit is. Im guessing Shure is an obvious one, but any help or links would be great.
yeah shure is great. i have a shure PGX14 and its really good. it hasnt failed me once. the battery is about 8 hours but i just use rechargeables. this might be different for you if you get it cuz i run through a multi effects processor, but for me it cuts the sustain down a tad but i leave an overdrive pedal on for distorted sounds to boost the sound and sustain. hope ive helped! lemme know what you decide!
Try the Sennheiser Freeport. It's got good reviews for the price you pay. I have one arriving on Monday so I'll tell you what I can of it.


Sorry, posted wrong link before, there's the real one.
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Try a Samson STage 5 Wireless. I own one, and it is excellent for the price. No apparent tone loss either (none that I've noticed). Only cost me £59.99 but that was a sale, I think they go around £80. Well worth the money. And it comes with a case to put the reciever, etc in for taking it around.