Ok bit of backgroudn info here, i watched a documentry on hurricane katerina in one of my lessions and i was really disguested with all the racisms and the fact they acted so slowly to help those people which made me write this song

crit for crit?

Verse 1
When you feel the lonely of lone,
When you feel distraught,
And no one ever knows,
Just listen and remember this,
You were never there,
Just remember,
How we all watched it all,
How the heavens did fall,
How hell did ascend,
The lives that were lost,
Never forget the lives that were lost,

Verse 2
They shall remember,
You shall make them all,
There lives were in there hands,
But there souls in yours,
It’s up to us now,
It’s not up to them,
They shall remember them all,
They shall pay for them all,
They will have too,
We shall make them,
This is our destinary,
This is our legacy,
We are there last hope,
This is our last show,
Never let them go,

Verse 3
Remember how,
They all stood on the sideline,
Only saving the ‘perfect’ kind,
Remember how,
The gratuitous did fall,
Hiding behind there red tape,
And there political cape,
Remember how they denied,
Help for the hungry,
Just because there deemed ‘not trustworthy’,
They coulda used this to bridge the gaps,
Not to add fuel,
To the fire,

Verse 4
Remember how everyone gave there help,
But stopped by those with the ‘might’,
All stop by your angels in white,
Who said everything was ‘alright’,
These people who we all elect,
Just for them to choose who they want to protect,
Always remember,
The trust they’ve broken,
Always remember,
The hatred they feel,
Always remember,
The money they saved,
Just from the souls they gave,