hi, I live in a big city (Toronto) so I know they're out there somewhere. Where can I go to find a good teacher for electric guitar and music theory?

I checked newspaper classifieds, the internet, and the local guitar shop. Where would they advertise and what's a good hourly price to pay?

Thanks guys.
CHeck for music schools. That's where I go (Montreal). And unfortunately, you can measure their reputablitiy by looking at the price.
Ask around.

Find really good guitarists, and ask them who teaches them.
i study with the greatest guitarist in my country and he only takes 50 $ per hour so don't get fooled by money i used 2 study with a guy who took 90 bucks per hour and he sucked
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"how to find a good guitar teacher "

take some time to think of what you want to learn what your goals are .
short term or long term goals .
Every teacher teaches differently and a teacher won't be all knowing , the important thing is are you learning from them ?
Try and get the best from the teacher , but be active tell them what you understand and what you dont .
Try not to take anything for granted (this goes for teacher's as well )
If you ask the teacher to teach you the parts from his or or her band you might find you tap into what "they" are passionate about .
In just the same way share all the music you feel passionate about .
embarassing pop songs or new unknown underground acts .
in a nutshell be open to "passion , imagination and honesty " a good teacher should feed this back to you