I've been playing guitar for a couple of weeks, and I can change chords reasonably quickly but I still have to put one figer down at a time. Will the skill of moving all fingers at once just come from practising normally? or do I need to specifically concentrate on it?

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it sort of just happens one day your doing one finger at a time the next your doing it without thinking
just keep practising
Don't be scared of putting your fingers in the wrong place. It's how I learnt... after all your only practicing. I take it you are on about open chords.... Get faster and faster and eventually your hand will get used to doing it. If a finger is in the wrong place, correct it as you strum.
Yeah, just keep practicing. I remember a helpful trick I used was to play a G, then go to a C. Then back to G, then to an A. Just keeping that "G- other chord G- other chord" going for a while will help. You don't have to use C then A either, you should try it with all the chords you know. I hope that helped....and made sense.
when playing a open e major try using your middle finger on the gsharp little finger on the e your ring finger on the b it makes it easier to progress to barre chords as you only have to slide youe hand up the neck
you can also do this on a minor
I had trouble with this too. Just keep practicing and you'll get better at it. If you worry about it, it will take longer to figure out. Remember, you're not at all times playing in front of people. Its cool to make mistakes
no one can help you, just do it yourself, you'll be perfect at changing chords after a month.

believe me, it doesn't require too much dexterity, practice makes perfect.
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Yep I was having problems with this too and last night I found my self changing chords, strumming all while I was thinking about something else. It was like changing the chords and strumming were almost 2nd nature...