the video

its not great quality, it was taken on a small camera

it starts about half way thru our song "To End Our Days"

and the audio is slightly out of timing with the video, but u get the idea

can i have some constructive critism of the band plz

i have one bit of advise, now, i don't know how the rest of the song sounds, but, by what i've heard, chill out a bit on the solo. playing fast is fun, and gets ya chicks, but, it's not always best. listen to the solos on far beyond driven of the great southern trendkill. dime knows what to play when and by the sound of that song, you shouldn't play that fast, oh, and turn down the trebel and mids a very little bit, you need more bass.
it wasnt me playing the guitar lol, i was singing. The reason there was hardly any bass with the guitars was cuz the band on b4 us decided to use our amps lol and they changed all the f'in settings, and they got booed lol