yeah, pretty basic, i wrote this after a really crappy day, just thought it'd be interesting to see what other people think...

“What Was, And What Will Never Be”

It’s not worth fighting or trying to find,
A real reason for all, a real reason to try,
All I can hope for and all that I need,
Is a reason, a purpose, to know what I mean,
When I say I feel empty,
I feel empty inside,

Your body’s not here, your heart or your eyes,
But the inspiration stays, the purpose you provide,
For me to survive another day,
For me to withstand the hits I take.
When I feel so empty,
I feel empty inside

And I know,
It’s not your fault,
And I can see,
The silver lining,
But I miss,
Your smile,
But I miss,
Everything about you

My hearts not as solid as years that have passed,
I can’t just ignore all the days and the pressures,
I’m not that strong, the wall never lasted,
It crumbles and fails and it’s all because I,
I feel empty inside,
I feel so empty inside,
I’m incomplete I’m empty inside
This water's dark and coldGod's not where you hopedThis moment come and goneIt's time we all moved on