I heard this song at a hockey game, and I've heard it before, its pretty common. I'll try to tab the main chords out.

this is really rough but I like this song and i thought with the broad community of UG someone will know this song


Anyways, play this very slow, and see if it sounds familiar, like i said its sort of techno (im not a techno fan, but this is a good sports song I want). The main sound is sort of a fuzz synthesizer.

There is no lyrics unless it is a few words but there are no main lyrics if any at all
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sounds familiar, but I dunno. Know anything else about it? lyrics or chords?

theres no lyrics, its probably been in a few movies where people are doing x or somethin in clubs, but I think its a good pump up song for sports too (like sandstorm)

i guess what i remember of it, it was based around the main synthesizer, not the drums , it seemed like a sort of synthesizer/fuzz bass sort of thing
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Sounds like something I would know, but I can't put a finger on it.
Could you write out the rythym, perhaps? would probably make it a bit more clear.
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im downloading from the most common results on limewire right now, im finding a similar sounding instrument in a result titled "Global Deejays vs. Benny Benassi - San Fransico Dreaming...."
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It's not by Benny Benassi, he doesn't really use a lot of guitar.

sorry, its not guitar, i just tabbed it out to try to get the tune across, its a synthesizer or something
Meh if you want techno songs they play at hockey games, heres some I've heard and downloaded.

sandstorm - darude
zombie nation - kernkraft 400 (not totally sure if its right, but you';; find it on limewire)
one more time - daft punk

Those are at every SCSU hockey game i've went to.
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It aint sandstorm or zombie nation (not even the chant version)

I know just throwing it out there in case.
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I know just throwing it out there in case.

i tried those, no luck But I did add them to my 'pump up' playlist
found it! For the record its Satisfaction - Benny Benassi
There are lyrics dirty lyrics " Touch me, and then just hurt me, til I can get my, satisfaction... satisfaction" >_<
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^ I don't think it says hurt? I think its, Push me then just touch me
great song anyways
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