Im going to buy a Epiphone Les Paul Standard, but i cant afford it right now, so i was just wondering if it could be worth to split the payment into six payments, i dont know what its called in english, and pay one payment each month. That way i can get the guitar now but pay later, but however ill be loosing about 60$. Would it be worth it?
I suggest that you just save until you have enough....paying for interest sucks
There are so many better ways to spend $60...eg parts/pickup upgrade.
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losing 60 bucks isn't all that bad,
if your really set and need the guitar immediatly then sure go with the payments but if u can wait i suggest you do if u really need the 60 or so bucks
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I was going to do that with an acoustic I wanted, but my mom told me that when you do that, you have to pay it off quick or else they'll kill you with interest. So unless you know that you can pay it off fast, I wouldn't do it.
Surely you can borrow the money off someone else, and pay them back. They might still want interest, but probably less.
Save up your money. When you are poor $60 is a big chunk of change.