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I have been having problems keeping my guitar in tune. Like whenever I'm doing a solo and make a big bend on the g string it almost always goes out of tune, and it gets annoying having to retune it all the time.

heres my guitar.


If you just changed the strings it going to happen cause the string still need to stretch a bit. If you didn't just change them don get frustrated, i have an epiphone les paul and it happens all the time. Sometimes it's just how the guitar was or wasn't made.
I just got the guitar and I'm still using the string it came with. I don't know if that could be the problem or not.
stetch the strings and make sure ur machine heads are holding and the string is wrapped around them enough. -chris-
Damn it,Every problems usually are for G string.Are the tunning machines working alright?
If you just got the guitar, the strings just need to be wore in so just keep retuning it and bending the string like crazy. It'll eventually stay in tune, i have the same problem everytime i change a string - its very annoying.
Make sure you have it at the right G. If you tune it too high it'll be too tight and want to loosen up. Otherwise you just need to keep waring it in... I got a Schecter C-1 Blackjack not 3 weeks ago and it took about a week and a half before they stayed in tune. Just give it time