This is the first riff I've ever really created, and was looking for some critiques here on this short riff.

I've already been told it sounds more like an intro into something than a main riff... what do you guys/galls think of that?

It's the only file on my myspace page right now, and yes that's going to be the band's name as it fills out, at least at this stage anyways.

I'm also looking for advice on expanding this outwards. It was really just a wank-tank session thinking over double-stops and the E Minor Diatonic (over the entire board) on my clean channel with reverb and chorus up to the max on my current amp.

Thanks in advance,
Outside Octaves

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umm, is it supposed to sound "choppy"? I think you need to learn how to play it better. Also "appocolyptica" is already a band, they are a cello group

sounds cool, sort of like an early pink floyd riff. but i agree with pepsi ^ it sounds a bit choppy, i think u need to record it better. try and get a better tone. add some reverb, and maybe a hint of distortion to get it to sound thicker. but i dunno, thats just what i would do. i suggest you just mess with it until you like how it sounds.

do u mind checkin mine out?
I definatly will look into criting you guy's music when I get back online in a little.

But as for adding reverb? I've got the reverb on my amp maxed out on that, along with the chorus being maxed out too... heh. Mabey I'll get a better sound when I get my VOX Valvetronix AD50VT-212 soon enough .
"grateful is he who plays with open fingers" - Me