I've found an older Epiphone Black Beauty Les Paul with a Bigsby, used, for around 600 dollars. In Denmark, a new one would cost around 1000. I was planning on sneaking a new Black Beauty in from the US the next time I was over there, which would be 700.

Anyway, anyone know the repuitation of these guitars? I love the look of the Black Beauty, and I saw the Gibson Black Beauty on MF and drooled, the Bigsby looks so perfect.


Here's the guitar, a picture of a new one, anyway. The sites in Danish. I've asked as to exactly how old it is, and if it's damaged at all. I'm pretty unknowledgable about buying used guitars, so how does the price sound?

Anyway, any opinions are welcome. I'll post more info as it comes in.

(The guitar will be used with a Fender Deville 60 w 4*10 that I'm getting next week. I've been saving for a while, and I'm starting to get some nice gear together, I hope.)

Edit: The pickups are US Gibsons, don't know anything else. Does that sound like the originals, or are they replacements/mods?
Ain't it? The bigsby is such a perfect touch, IMO. I know nothing about how a Bigsby works, though... *runs off to wikipedia* How is a bigsby in comparison to a fender tremola/floyd rose? It doesn't go though the guitar, right? Does it make restringing a pain?

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I'm glad you guys like it. :-D Some insight and/or things to ask about/look for would be great though. And I am really wondering how the Bigsby turns out- My fender tremola detunes my strings horribly, how would it go with the Bigsby?
And it turns out it is 8 years old- the guy claims to be selling it for a friend, and says there is no damage or factory mistakes.
Too much gold IMO. If there wasn't the middle pickup then yeah deffinitely.

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That's a nice looking guitar!

My brother has the Epiphone Black Beauty, it plays pretty well. Just like a Les Paul I guess. The middle pickup doesn't get in my way of picking or my brother's.
I've looked into the Bigsby, and apparently it's a kind of tremola, not to be used for dives and such at all. The guy cryptically wrote that it wouldn't put the guitar out of tune, but that could be seller's talk. I am curious about it affecting the sustain or tone, but it probably ain't anything noticable, and it'll set me apart a bit.

For anybody who doesn't like the appearance, to each his own, but it's almost too sext IMO.. >.> If you've seen the Gibson version, that thing is creamable.

Mwoit, thanks :-) How usefull is the middle pickup? You can turn on all three pickups at once, right? Plus, that extra pu slot could be handy, I could eventually mod it or such.

If this thing turns out to be in good condition, I don't think I'll be able to resist. Argh.. >.> I'm already buying a new amp :-D
bigsbys really are amazing tremolos. theyre great for light vibrato etc etc. srsly, theyre really good. they stay in tune well, and theyre a piece of cake to string.
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I owned a Gibson Black Beauty (actually it was a 69' black custom with gold hardware but the standard 2 HB's not 3 like the real "BB")... now I play a copy with black & gold (Agile) so needless to say I'm in love with Black & Gold LP's and that EPI is oh so sweet... I'd grab that in a flash if I had the $$$$. The older Epi's are even better in my opinion than the new ones and the previous owner probably had it set-up or maybe "broke it in right". GRAB IT - it's beautiful - never had any LP or LP copy with a bigsby but they're cool... hell - even if you never use it it adds to the CUSTOM look and probably to the resale value too. Awesome find!
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Since the Bigsby is behind the Tune-o-matic, I don't think it affects the sustain has much as other tremolos.
Just what I wanted to hear! God, I want to pick it up.. I have the money lying in my room anyway.. -_- Thanks for the pep talk, strangedogs :-)
IMO the 3 pickupsaren't as useful as you'd think. Especially with only a 3 way switch. And the stock Epi pickups suck balls.

They are great quality guitars though and the Bigsby is a nice addition. They're good and with some modding to the switching/pickups could be GREAT. I'd say get it, it looks pretty sweet.
I appreciate the advice. Modding a 2 pu guitar to have 3 pus is pretty much impossible, right?

Anyway, the guy wrote it had "USA Gibson" humbuckers, I don't know if that's stock. I'll check. I'm using a stock Yamaha Pacifica right now, though, so it'll definately be a huge improvement. You say three way switch, does that mean you can only use each humbucker one at a time? That kind of sucks?

I'll be running it through a Fender Deville 6 4*10, that should really bring out the guitars sound nicely.
iv got a black beauty with two pickups and one of those big bigsbys and it is the mest friggin guitar iv got im telling you get that guitar it will be one of the best things you ever do
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iv got a black beauty with two pickups and one of those big bigsbys and it is the mest friggin guitar iv got im telling you get that guitar it will be one of the best things you ever do

How is the Bigsby? You can only use it for vibrato, right? No big dives or anything? I almost ordered mine with the Bigsby but decided it wasn't worth it. Thought it would decrease string life and hurt tone and sustain. Plus I think it makes the guitar look too busy.

Black Beauties have always been my favorite guitars - even since before I started playing. I'll never sell mine - hopefully it'll last as long as I do.

edit: I do think the 3rd pickup is pretty useless as well.... I don't really think you can get much more tone out of it.

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So no way of hooking up all three pickups simultaneously? That would unique at the least.. :-D
epiphone guitars usually just come with epiphone pickups. not gibson.

the middle pickup isnt that usefull, and takes away from sustain.

it can also get in the way a little.

but i guess if u were to upgrade the pickups, u could customize it a little more, add push pull pots, maybe blend out additional tones.

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