The ritual has begun
the releasing of his son

Damien arises, eyes glowing red
Judgment day, you all are dead

the sins you committed were never forgiven
you thought this was a paradise that we all live in

his scythe reaps hell on the living
you thought your lord was forgiving?

Satan's son, not God's will return
At the stake your politicians will burn.

The candles are on the altar
time to bring out his father

We paint our faces black and white
chanting rituals in the dimmed light

Satan Rips through the depths of hell
Summoned by his ancient bell

the sky slowly fades to black
Satan begins his merciless attack

He is not in a human form
now starts a lighting storm

the Devil tramples all in his path
maiming victims with his Wrathfull Axe

The oceans are red wit blood
The Earth is a crimson flood

Fire engulfs the remaining land
All Die by his powerful Hand