well first off i love my epi. SG more than i thought i ever would. guess its b/c of the easy higher access. so im thinking i'll go ahead and upgrade those stock pickups soon to do it justice. i love G N R, slash is my biggest influence! so i would like to get some seymour duncans in it. wut r the kind of pickups that slash uses? would they be good for some thrash type metal? seeing as i play everywhere from the clean blues to thrash-style metal. and i know they handle at least up to 80s metal. also some other pickup suggestions would be appreciated. but if you do, they HAVE to be good on cleans and brutal w/ distortion.
the alnico2s i dont think would go well with thrash metal

try the SH4, SH5 or SH6 in the bridge and a 59 or SH2 in the neck
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