The men are Weary, but prepared to fight
We ignore the cold on this windy night.

we see their boats coming closer to land
Thirsty for blood i clasp my sword tight in my hand

They get close, i give the signal to attack
I Charge, stabbing one through the chest, out his back.

Our Archers shoot them from our fortified tower
They realize we are strong, they start to cower

We slaughter them as they run
this battle ended as fast as it begun

scalping their bodies, mutilating the dead
i cut off a generals face, wear it on my head.

An arrow flies through a friends arm
we thought for sure we were safe from harm

They come in an enormous wave

During their strike our catapults are summoned from behind
darkness will make the enemy hard for them to find

Aimed and ready We Launch the boulders of fire
doesn’t seem to do much, tension grows higher.
needs a good ending but i thought it was pretty good songs about war are sweet
I really like this, haha. Excellent images, and the 4th verse is superb, great rhyme and an insightful idea.

I think, as Fear said, it needs a little bit of polishing at the end, maybe a climactic ending? All in all, good fun to read.
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