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63 69%
28 31%
Voters: 91.
Personally, I'd rather not play either. But if I had to I'd pick a J-bass, because the neck is much more comfortable, and I prefer the sound of a Jazz over a Precision anyday.
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I love both, I am so torn... Uh, if I absolutely had to pick, I would say a Jazz Bass, because the neck is comfy.
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Wow, i guess i'm just really weird then because i have a jazz bass but i really want to put a precision neck on it.
I like both, but i voted Jazz anyway.
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aren't vs. threads banned?

oh well i dont Care

i prefer the Jazz bass , only for the reason that my hero mr Tim C uses them.

even if he didnt use one i still love the jazz

but then again if someone gave me a P-bass i wouldnt turn it down
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i have a p-bass so that gets my vote even though i prefer jazz pickups
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jazz ftw. its got an awesome sound, a thinner neck and a way cooler pickguard
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P-Bass. I prefer the neck, and it sounds thicker.
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P/Js for the win! Erm.. i'd probably say Precision just because i love the hard ringing tone. Mhm... but i love Jazz basses too.
I personally wont go near a P-bass, neck is too slow and there is damn near zero tonal variety in the thing. Jazz basses have variety and a nice, smooth neck, so of the two, Jazz.
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Jazz's are so quick and comfy, but I love the tone of my p-bass, except thats all I love about it lol

I picked Jazz
Personally, I don't like either. I can't choose between the two, as I wouldn't want to play them ever. Well, maybe if they were the last bass on earth or something like that...
Jazz for me
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Wouldn't it have been amazing if this was actually the thread to end all threads? I mean, at the second this thread was posted, every other thread on every other site became closed. I would have been all "woooooah..."

Anyway, Jazz bass.
I'm not much of a bassist, I usually just play it when jamming with my drummer friend and pianist friend. Anyways, I've played both basses, and prefer Jazz bass to Precision. Neck is easier to dance the fingers around. Er... yeah.
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I have owned a squier/squirer p-bass for all my 5 years of bass playing(minus 2 where i wasent to intressed due to lack of inspiration) Playing it cues of i am in the local musicschool and the slots for electric guitar was full so i got to learn the bass guitar.

bougth it and a amp(torque 20watt bass) secound hand.

Its worked really nice for me but i wanna get a good J-bass soon. Is J-bass i(n genarly) good for funk and tapping? becues i have gotten more and more into funk and tapping latly (thx to wooten..)
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i have both the MIM p and j basses and i like the jazz a lot more. even though the neck is thinner which makes it a bit harder to pick and slap, its more comfortable and slapping sounds much better. it also has more of a growl and attitude
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I prefer P-style pickups for their meatier sound and for the same reason I'm always much more comfortable playing through a 1x15 cab than 4 10s. Having said that, there's nothing lovelier neck-wise than a sanded-down jazz neck.
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Both. Neither one is better than the other. I have an '01 Precision and an '04 Jazz, both MIM and both sunburst. I put flatwounds on the Precision for groove stuff and light roundwounds on the Jazz for showing-off stuff.

Both basses are excellent with their own purpose and character. But I must admit, I look better behind a Jazz. P-basses look dorky way up high.
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jazz basses may look better, play better, sound more "accurate", and have more tonal options, but the p bass just sounds so damn good!
Interestingly enough, the P-Bass I picked up has one of the most comfy necks ever. It's at least on par with Jazz basses, if not better. Fender Aerodyne.
I love the neck on a Jazz and the angled body, so that gets my vote.

I'd personally love to see a Jazz's body and neck with a precision pickup at the mid body and a humbucker at the bridge.
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I think it says something that I sold my Rickenbacker for a P-Bass. The neck just feels amazing, and I love the tone.
I use to be a P bass gal, but i'm starting to prefer the Jazz.

But for slapping I vote Stingray/Sterling or anything with a humbucker.