ok i was wondering what would be the best recording equipment under £200 ? it would be for guitars, bass, drums & vocals. thx

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if your looking for home recording gear, you should get yourself a 4-track. At the moment i'm using a Zoom MRS-4 multitrack, and considering it sells for about £120 it does a pretty good job.

It has 2 inputs (eg. 2 guitars playing at once) and 4 tracks with 8 virtual takes - basically meaning you can have 4 tracks playing back at once (such as 2 guitars, a bass and a drum machine) and for each track you can record up to 8 takes and just just choose the best one for each, and then erase what you dont use to save space on your memory card.

it comes with a 32mb Smartmedia memory card as standard, which works out at about 18 minutes recording time. the only problem is that its quite hard to find smartmedia cards nowadays so if you need more memory the only thing you can really do is search Ebay and other auction sites.

the basic functions are really easy to use, and there are a few more advanced effects and things once you get your head around the basics.

hope ive been of some help to you