How good are these guitars? I'm on the website, and they have some accurate copies.

Do they have anything other than SG/Les Pauls? How much are they and where can you get them?
We have one in our musicstore, its a Les Paul Goldtop, its good, feels nice and sounds nice.
They have a very good reputation. In the 80s, their copies were better than the stuff Fender were turning out.
They are great guitars and rediculous for the money. Over here you'd expect to pay around 300 quid for a Tokai Love Rock and a similar price for a lower end Epi Les Paul. The Tokai however is a much nicer guitar on the whole.

Try one out first but you should be on to a winner.
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I own a Tokai Love Rock, bought it for around 500 canadian, and its great. It was either the Love Rock or the Epi Les Paul, and the Tokai killed it. Same price too

The only problem is the fact that no one really knows much about them. Theres no official website, just a registry, that tries to figure out model numbers and such.

But buy it!