Hi everyone,

I purchased a Fender Strat and I've been playin it for a couple of months... when I plug it into my amp the sound that comes out is hit and miss however. This is because I don't understand how the settings work. By this I mean I don't know what the different settings are when I move the lever etc and how the two tone knobs work! What are the 5 dfferent positions for the levers and how do the two tone knobs affect the sound that the guitar makes etc?

Any help would be appreciated!

ok "lever" in different positions give you different tones. when its facing down from you I'm pretty it give you a higher frequency tone and when its closer to you it give you a bass like sound. the nobs are for volume and tone differences. different combinations of the "lever" and the tone nob can give you unique and personal sound.
5-way switch (lever) is for selecting the pickup(s) you want to use. Position 1 is at the bottom facing the bridge, position 5 at the neck.

1. Bridge
2. Bridge/Middle
3. Middle
4. Neck/Middle
5. Neck

The upper tone control of for the neck pickup and the lower is for the middle pickup. Bridge pickup doesn't usually have a tone control.
Just to add to that, all "tone" knobs do on most Strats is take treble out of your tone.
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turn the tone knobs down to a lower number for a smoother tone and turn them up for a brighter "twangier" tone, i dont own a strat i own a tele so i can't tell you exactly which tone knob does what

also, if i may add that the closer to the neck the pickup is the smoother/less crunchy itll be and the closer they are to the bridge the twangier/bright/crunchy itll be