Ebay auction example.

I've been scoping Ebay for good deals on guitars recently, and I'm really digging what ESP has to offer. I keep on seeing auction in the ESP section about 'Edwards' guitars from Japan that are often tagged with 'ESP' in the title. They seem to be really nice, seymours and cool finishes, and ebony fretboards, but they're not ESP, and they're shape is not the same as ESP shapes. So, question time.

1) Is ESP and Edwards affiliated in any way? And how so?

2) Does anyone have any experience with Edwards guitars and could give me a testimonial?

3) Would anyone reccomend buying a gutar off Ebay as opposed to at a music store? (Music stores are often bloody expensive, I know, I work at one, but I do enjoy being able to touch a guitar before buing it)

ANy help would be appreciated.
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Edwards is a branch of ESP, they are in between a standard series ESP and a LTD Deluxe quality wise. Ordering off ebay is cool, you can get alot for cheap. And don't worry about fraud or anything from mijsixstringskatana, they are a pretty big store in Japan and sell alot on ebay.
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Yeah, Edwards is one of their copy-cat brands.
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